Friday, April 29, 2011

Update of recent times

So today was the day of the royal wedding, the marriage of Prince William and New Princess Kate. It was a lovely event to watch, she looked so beautiful, and I bet the atmosphere in London was amazing. If you missed it you missed out! How often does a royal wedding, of a future King happen?!

Anyway, Over the past few weeks I have been working on a new project called Red Moon Risin' with a friend of mine, it's a magazine aimed to promote local music. I am the design and artwork side of the project. Exciting. Images to come soon.

I have a new job! Assistant Buyer for BMB Clothing/Bairds, I had my first day on Wednesday and I loved it! I know there is loads to learn and there will be tough days, but I am so happy to be moving out of retail, using my degree and working somewhere challenging. I'm currently working the remainder of my notice at Debenhams which is a month long, that's really long for retail, and working my days off at BMB.

Me and Tom have a new house sorted now, and can move in from June 1st. Its really lovely nicely decorated and cheaper than the house we are in at the moment. I'm super excited for all these changes.