Monday, May 26, 2014

Diy Shoes

The other weekend I bought myself some really basic black pumps from Primark with a view to add decorations myself. I did the same thing last year with some Asda pumps, and since they are now on their last legs I thought I would create something new.

I wanted them each to be fairly plain or a simple colour scheme so they can be worn with most outfits.
On the first pair I have gone for three simple buttons in a pastel colour scheme, and on the second a line of leaf shapes mini beads in black and white. 

The pumps were £4.00 a pair from Primark and they are super comfy. 
The beads/buttons (no idea of price as they were just in my button tin - spares from clothing/bracelets or my university days) you will be able to pick out a couple of nice buttons or a small pack of beads for a couple of pounds at a local haberdashery. 
I've just hand stitched each item onto the shoe with needle and thread making sure each are looped on a couple of times to keep them secure.

Unique pumps that you have created yourself. 
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