Friday, April 11, 2014

BOOK: The Last of Us - American Dreams

The Last of Us American Dreams graphic novel is a prequel to the video game The Last of Us. 
Though I didn't play the game I did watch tom play it, I love watching him play through games with a good story, it's just like a really long movie stretched out over a few sittings.

The Last of Us was one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen, though really graphic and grotesque at times the scenery and character design was just beautiful, and the game did have some really lovely moments.

The American Dreams book I purchased from Amazon, link here, I managed to devour within one sitting.
I love the drawing style and feel within the book. 

 I haven't shown any of the story except for the first page below - so no spoilers. 
The character development is just perfect. At the very back of the book you have these couple of pages showing development of the two main characters. At the time of purchase this book was £9.00, it was a steal for a great little story and beautiful illustration. 

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