Monday, February 03, 2014

Instagram January

It's a brand new year and we are already a month through! For 2014 I aim to take more photos and hopefully post them up to instagram and twitter. Here are my top eight photos for January 2014.

1. I completed and posted off my sketchbook project for 2014. To view my sketchbook video click here, to view page by page photos click here.
2. I read Alice in Wonderland, and I am halfway through Through the Looking Glass. I bought some lovely illustrated copies over Christmas.
3. Roast + Conch opened before Christmas in Leeds and I tried out the menu with a colleague.
4. Disney socks at Primark - couldn't resist Alice.
5. Gaming Character painting update, It is definitely the most time consuming painting I have ever done.
6. The last in a series of fashion and lifestyle Illustrations for ALLO blog
7. Annie League of Legends Character Illustration
8. My 2014 good things jar
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